Choosing domain for your website


One of the important aspect before creating a website is to choose a good domain name. Domain name represents the website and your business. A good web name is the key to your web presence. Below are some of the kep points to consider when choosing a domain name.

  1. it should be simple and easy to read/pronounce
  2. it shall able to describe exactly your business and what you do
  3. try not to be to long and not over 20 characters
  4. do not use special characters like dashes and hyphen
  5. use popular domain name extension like .com or your local country domain like .my for Malaysia
  6. include keywords related to your business on the domain name. This will help with search engines

Websiteguru is part of heyram solutions group who does web designing and digital marketing for small business ventures in Malaysia.



Why is responsive web design so important?


Responsive website design has become the current trend of most website due to popularity of varies online access gadgets. In today’s modern world, users access a websites through smartphones and tablets. So it is very important that your website shall be accessed through all the major mobile platforms. You will have advantage of reaching a larger audience when you have a responsive website for your business.

Responsive website design ensures better visibility on the web presence in internet world. As the website adjusts itself according to the users screen size, it offers a high flexibility and a better user experience. Creating a responsive web design increases your chances for greater ROI, since your website will become consistently user-friendly across different devices. It provides easy navigation and a clear scrolling system, making it hassle free to view your website with ease.

Website Guru Malaysia is known for creating visually appealing, easy to manage and maintain, compatible with the latest smart devices and fast to work with websites that appeals to the users. Our responsive website design results will surely be able to improve your online business presentation.

We always make sure that responsive websites we create can be accessed easily on all the mobile platforms. The websites get adjusted or resized according to your customers screen size. We are backed up by a team of skilled designers.

Responsive websites are valued by search engines like Google & Yahoo. If your business deals with an e-commerce website, the mobile users should be able to view all your products clearly on their mobile phones, smart phones and tablets. A responsive website would be able to attract more customers with your easy layout and simple navigation. Hence, you would be able to enjoy a better sales lead.

In today’s modern world, as more and more user’s access websites through mobile devices, responsive website design can offer a competitive edge and boosted business growth. Talk to us today for a free consultation on how to create your website a responsive site.

How to make your site SEO friendly?


Content is always the KING when it comes to website tracking by Search Engines. It’s extremely important to having your website rank naturally using your page content. It’s not a rocket science to understand how to get your site up and rank high in search engines, follow below easy steps and make your website much friendlier with Search Engines.

Keyword Rich URLs: Your url name (Domain Name) is one of the first information the spiders interpret. Take advantage of this by having keyword-rich urls.

Meta Tags. Meta tags are one of the first parts of a website you should set up. You will have a Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords, which is going to really help your website be understood – if your content matches the same niche as your Meta tags.

Heading Tags. H1 and H2 primarily – are your heading text in big font size that providing the search engines with your keywords that you will ideally want to be ranked for. As a heading usually comes before the description, it is assigned more value than most other text on the basis it is supposed to sum up the content within the page.

Sitemaps. Sitemaps are very important to building a strong web of backlinks through your website. It contains a hyperlink to every page on your website. Not only does it make finding exact pages on your website easier for users, but it increases the amount of links to your website, which is a big part of SEO.

Match your content. A search engine cannot read an image – just the name and tags given to the image – so your content not only has to reflect the tags of the image, but also be relevant and most importantly unique content. Websites are punished severely for duplicate content, so make sure all of your writing is unique and matches the images around it in terms of text.

Good navigation. Make it easy for your readers to find relevant pages within your website and at the same time easier for the search engine spiders to crawl through pages.

Why Do I Need a Website?


Many people ask why they need a website, and how a website will benefit them. The question that I always ask them back is, “How do you find information today?” the way people find information is through the internet. Over millions of people in Malaysia use the internet looking for new businesses to go to, i.e. restaurants, retail shop, financial service, schools, utilities and the list goes on, they use the internet as their main resource. If you do not have a website, these people will not find you, and if you do not have a well-built website, these people will not find you or buy from you.

There are few areas in which a website will help you grow your business or promote your product and services. Every customer wants to get to know you before they use your product or service, and your internet presence are a huge factor in being found, recognized and trusted. You can either let the infinite space of the internet define your business or product or you can do it yourself with a professional website. Would you rather have business and status defined by strangers or would you prefer to define your business yourself? By having a well-designed web presence containing your own blog posts, background, qualifications, honors and awards you can build trust between you and your potential customers without even meeting them face to face.

On whole, below are the few reasons for having your own website presence:

A website can help you to develop a new opportunity to sell your products online.

You may use the website as a retail outlet without actually spending on establishing or salaries of storefront staff.

The website can help your target market to get information on what you sell and may order products from your website.

You may reach a bigger audience than what you would have got by starting a brick and mortal outlet. This will overcome geographical issues.

Depending on your product line, you may even eliminate inventory cost to store in shop.

Normally an offline business cannot offer services 24/7. But if you have a website your service and product can be accessed by anyone 24/7. In other word, your business actually works when you are sleeping.

In real world if someone likes your product or service, you cannot normally store it to show other people. But you can actually display them in your website to attract more customers. Apart from that you can also display product reviews done by real people in different social media like Facebook & Twitter. Testimonials from real people do miracle to businesses.

Direct relationship with target market audience and improve your relationship with the end-customer.